Oakland Dispensary Attorneys

Lawyers Helping Entrepreneurs Plan, Form, Grow, and Operate Oakland Area Marijuana Businesses

For years the Oakland area has been at the forefront of the California marijuana industry movement. Since 1996, Oakland has seen tremendous growth of its marijuana business environment, including the opening of countless dispensaries, grow supply stores, and even several marijuana related universities. For many, Oakland is the place to be as it relates to starting a marijuana business in California. Our Oakland dispensary lawyers at Hallinan and Hallinan, PC have the experience needed to help you start and operate your Oakland area business.

Why Choose Oakland for Your Marijuana Business?

One of the primary reasons the marijuana industry has flourished in Oakland is as a result of the city’s implementation of voter enacted 2004 ballot Measure Z.

  • Measure Z Has many provisions which are beneficial to those looking to start marijuana industry businesses, including:
  • Making arrest and citation of adult marijuana consumers the city’s lowest law enforcement priority.
  • Encouraging the city to, through its lobbyist, advocate for pro-marijuana changes in the state.
  • Creating a committee to oversee the city’s marijuana related licensing and taxation.